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Lavandula Angustifolia – English Lavender is the most widely cultivated species, the word ‘angustfolia’ means ‘narrow leaf’.

There are thought to be over 450 varieties of lavender many of which come from Europe, Africa and Asia due to the temperate climates.

It is very aromatic and on average grows to around 1-2 metres high. Lavender is a great choice as it has a long flowering season and is easy to associate and grow with other shrubs. So right now you’ll see it everywhere. There are some wonderful lavender fields to visit too, in surrey you have Mayfield’s Lavender Farms in Banstead that are well worth a visit.

Key facts

• 450 varieties of lavender
• Lavender likes sunny spots – avoid shade and wet/freezing soils
• Popular with pollinators
• Best planted in April or May
• English Lavender is the most hardy
• Grows between 30cm and 3ft high – generally 1-2 metres in height
• The colour depends on the variety – ranging from lilac, to pink to grey, to white
• Summer bloomers



In the ground

• Prepare the soil – make sure it’s weed free and not too wet, ideally an alkaline sandy soil with good drainage
• Plant quickly after purchasing
• Space your plants out so they aren’t on top of each other (approx. 30cm apart)
• Water regularly – especially in hot weather


pink lavender
In containers

• Choose a large container with drainage holes – make sure it’s big enough for your lavender to grow approx. 12-16 inches
• Use a multi-purpose compost or a sandy alkaline mix that promotes good drainage
• Mix in some mulch and ideally lime or grit – to improve the drainage
• Fill the mix high in the pot and let the lavender crown be sitting on the top
• Water well and keep in the sunshine protected from wind
• During the winter months put your lavender pots in the shed or somewhere protected from the harsh weather
• Feed weekly for more prolific flowering



Most lavenders can be potted but do check when you’re purchasing.

Three Lavnedula Angustfolia varieties that do well are:

1. Thumbelina Leigh
2. Rosea
3. Munstead


lavender munstead