Winter plants are far from dull they can be some of the most colourful and vibrant of plants to look at. This month we are going to look at how to create a nice winter hanging basket and some nice winter planter tubs.


winter hanging basket

The winter hanging basket

Grab yourself a decent sized hanging basket, metal or wicker is fine but ensure you either buy one with a liner already in it or buy some liners to go inside. You can also line it with an extra piece of black bin liner with holes in to increase water retention or pop a cardboard disc in the bottom to capture moisture and retain it in the compost.

Next, put some multi-compost in and add some feeder in to the mix. Now what plants to pick?

You can choose from violas, pansies, cyclamen, dwarf irises, crocus and mini ivies – to name but a few and ensure a nice trailing evergreen such as ivy or thyme.





The trick is to not overload your basket ensure there is enough space for each to grow and breathe.
Space your plants and choose your colours so they complement each other well. Then water and feed well – feeding depends on type of compost but weekly is recommended unless you have a feed already in the compost.
If it gets too cold or windy, it is best to move the basket to a more sheltered spot for the worst of the weather.

Winter tubs

A similar approach for tubs albeit you will likely have more space.

There are some beautifully scented choices you can make too such as;

winter container

Pick a good-sized tub with decent drainage, if you pot don’t have drainage holes these can be drilled out with a 10mm drill piece – this is particularly important in winter as there is much more rain and moisture and it can be trapped and drown the plants.

A good multi compost and some feed. A nice fern or evergreen in the centre always works well and then work your way around it. Herbaceous plants are good for their semi-evergreen foliage and hardiness. Then some violas or pansies for a spot of colour.

Do not forget plants do not grow much in winter so buy some well-established flowered ones to pop in your tub and put your pot in a sot that receives a lot of light, as the days are shorter.

Short video on planting winter boxes.Watch here


winter container 2